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Jason Bond Picks is an online trading service provider that promises to facilitate the customers to invest in fruitful stocks. The aim of Jason Bond Picks is to help its subscribers multiply their fortunes in the easiest and most efficient manner.

Jason Bond Picks was founded by a former school teacher, Jason Bond. Along time ago Jason Bond was lucky enough to invest in some stocks and carried out successful day trading which resulted in enormous gains. This motivated Jason who then quit his job at the school and created his own trading company, the JB Picks.

Jason was able to make $500,000 after quitting his job, with the help of day and swing trades. He is allegedly known to have net worth of $2 Million today.

Full day swing trading is a time consuming job and while Jason was a teacher he was doing the trades on part time basis. But after he gained more insight about the system and channeled his knowledge and expertise correctly, he eventually made huge success.

It was then he decided to get totally involved in full day swing trading and with his Jason Bond Picks services, help others as well who can make big fortunes through trade but simply cannot find enough time to sit in front of the screens to wait for the changing trends.

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About Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bond Picks is a 90 day system meant for teaching newbies everything about stock trading and it even offers sepcialization courses to its valuable clients. With JB Picks services people can learn everything they need to know about stocks and trading. The JB Picks services are one of its kinds.

Subscribers get access to useful and informative articles, videos and they can even become part of active stock trading chat rooms. So whether you already have knowledge of trading or you are completely new to this business, JB Picks will polish you and make you a pro. It can make you real 007 of the trading world.

Jason Bond Picks has initially started as a mere trade related newsletter, but with the passage of time as Jason’s methods helped him make big profits from Day Trading he eventually augmented his business model. The Jason Bond Picks gradually morphed into other service offerings, which included online courses in swing trading, day trading and short selling.

Today, the members of the JB Picks can specialize in different market expertise so they can make investment choices on their own. This makes the traders autonomous and helps them make successful deals in the lifetime.

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However, if people still feel the need to get in touch with Jason directly they can write email to the founder of this amazing services company. Jason is credited for his dedication to his business and clients as he personally responds to the members’ emails and queries on daily basis.

There are thousands of positive reviews from countless satisfied people who were able to learn everything about Day Trading, Swing Trading and Long term trading. These lifetime lessons have enables many people to make huge gains through stock trading.

Why Traders use Jason Bond Picks?

Successful trading requires devotion and thorough research of the stock market and its trends. It is an extremely time intensive business and our busy routines and tough schedules simply don’t allow us to take out some time and pursue our interests in trading. This is the reason why traders rely on the services that Jason Bond Picks provides them.

With your subscription of JB Picks you simply have to lay back in the chair and relax, because positive results are guaranteed. You don’t have to worry about your job and fret about not being able to observe the trading trends the entire day, because Jason Bond picks does all the study and research for you.

Jason Bond Picks is an extremely convenient system that traders can take big advantage of. Jason Bond suggests its members in which stock they should invest, for how long they should hold and when it is the right time sell those stocks off in order to make handsome profits.

Landing on Jason Bond Picks Official Website

So when you log on to Jason Bond Picks official website, you land on its homepage that shows the picture of the most successful trader and founder of the company, Mr Jason Bond. It is the homepage where the synopsis of Jason’s special services is also marketed.

Now after a customer successfully completes the subscription process, he is given his own personal account with the JB Picks. The clients log in to their personal portals and then select between the various trading options of their choice. You can select whether you want to start Full Day and Swing Trading or Long Term Trading. Under every option is a drop down menu where the client can choose the action he wants to carry out.

The Daily Watch Lists

Daily Watch lists are the most important and amazing feature of Jason Bond Picks. Daily Watch Lists contain daily notes directly from Jason himself, which are a summary of the day’s trading events. It updates the clients about the stocks to watch, links to relevant information and even Jason’s personal thoughts on current market trends.

The Penny Stocks 101

Penny Stocks 101 is the most appealing feature of JB Picks. Penny stocks are about making use of the expertise of Jason Bond Picks services and turning a small investment into big returns.

Day Trading Chat

On the left side of the portal there is this huge blue box which leads the traders to Active Trade Chat Rooms for useful discussions and brainstorming purposes.

Long Term Trade

While majority of the members of JB Picks prefer Full Day and Swing Trade to make money quickly, but there are also those who are big fans of the Long Term Trade plans.

The Long Term Trade plan includes:

  • 1 to 2 swing trades per week
  • 1 to 3 long-term trades per week
  • Instant Email and text alerts whenever Bond buys or sells a stock
  • Detailed Watchlist with long-term stocks to help you analyze the market and its trends closely
  • Traders will also receive customized advice from Jeff Bishop, the founder and manager of Top Stock Picks.

So people who are not in a rush and know the value of time and patience can earn significant amount of profits from JB Picks Long Term trading.

Pricing and Subscription

Jason Bond Picks is the right teaching tool for people who are new to online trading. It is the easiest website with the most powerful features to instil into individuals knowledge of successful trading strategies and skills.

The 90 day system of Jason Bond Picks comes with $399 subscription fee. At just $399 for three months of access, you can gain enough know-how to trade successfully for a lifetime.

Final Word

Jason Bond Picks is a real deal that helps its subscribers to make sizeable returns on their investments. Jason’s successful trading is an attestation that the knowledge and skills learned from this astounding trade services can definitely help traders multiply and double their fortunes.

Those who are seeking time saving and still want to make huge gains through online trading, the Jason Bond Picks is the right choice for them. Bond has a team of knowledgeable people and trade experts that do the research for you so that you invest in the right portfolios. Thus with Jason Bond Picks traders should be certain that they will always remain in the win-win situation.

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