Hello, It’s Richard here and this time I have chosen a business program to review honestly for you guys to help you decide what’s right. Amazing Selling Machine is back once again, the 8th time and a lot of people are signing up for it. Just like you, I also wanted to know WHY!

There’s a reason that I haven’t reviewed an online business program before because I never find them worth enough to do so. But this time, it is different, as the program called Amazing Selling Machine by Matt Clark is back in the market the 8th time after its first launch in 2013, which makes you curious about what’s so solid about this program that they keep releasing its update every year; sometimes twice a year.

If you have read my other reviews, you know that they are all based on my direct personal experience with the product. I wouldn’t lie but I haven’t bought the product this time, rather I met with people who have used the previous versions of ASM8 program. What I learned after interrogating them and using their owned version of the program, I am about to share it all honestly with you here, NOW!

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What you know about Amazing Selling Machine already is the basic introduction of this program. But let me repeat for those who don’t know that either;  this is a famous e-commerce business training program, based on a series of courses that teach you accurate methods to become a successful seller on Amazon.

Created and managed by two expert businessmen, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, ASM8 claims to help you earn up to $100,000 monthly by selling basic physical products on Amazon. At first, I thought it is just another company claiming big things, providing half of what they promised. But after getting to know more about Amazon Selling Machine, talking to the people who used it and looking at the success they made out of it, I was AMAZED to find out that this is certainly one of those rare products that actually provide 100% of what they promise.

Amazon Selling Machine is not new in the world of e-commerce; a lot of people have used it and are benefiting from it in the field of Amazon and e-commerce as a whole.

You must be wondering why would you need to be trained for selling something online; I have the truest answer to this question, “Amazon Algorithm”. Even before I reviewed ASM8, I knew that doing business on Amazon does require special skills and knowledge of how this e-commerce website works from its core.  (learn more about How to Quickly Build a Life-Changing Business Leveraging the Power of Amazon )

Like Google and Youtube, where people do everything to rank their content up, Amazon works the same way. It ranks up your content on the basis of the algorithm they set up. It is difficult for a normal person to figure out exactly how Google or Youtube shows some websites or videos frequently while others remain on the back side. But the owners of those top websites or videos know how to absolutely beat the algorithm and earn a handsome amount of cash out of AdSense and other related means.

The key to make money through Amazon is by understanding its algorithm and learning the right way to establish a profitable business over there. The courses offered by Amazing Selling Machine claim to teach this same lesson to make you a master in the field of Amazon and earn millions of dollars by selling basic products. But how do they do this? Here, This is what I found out!

What’s going to happen in the ASM8 PROGRAM?

Your 8 weeks of learning though Amazing selling machine includes;

  • They are training their students for 8 weeks in the field of Amazon business; totally focused on teaching them the main skills required to establish a profitable business within 6 months.
  • Company has included their 7 registered softwares in ASM8 which are developed to manage and monitor the Amazon activity of the members.
  • Their lessons are based on practical work more than theory, therefore you’ll be selling something on Amazon while taking live coaching with the experts for 8 weeks. This way you’ll be able to learn more accurately and fast.
  • Once you are signed up for the program, you receive lifetime membership of ASM which gives you access to their community forum and instant guidance from online entrepreneurs, whenever you need.
  • In 2014 ASM, members also received tickets to a 3-Day Live workshop event in Las Vegas.


The 8 Week Course Modules:

ASM isn’t for professionals only, the entire program starts from the scratch, and therefore beginners can also join and learn all about Amazon and e-commerce through this program.

The 8 weeks course takes the student from A to Z, teaching every tidbit of the world of e-commerce.

First and Second Modules: What product should I be selling?

As amazon is expanding drastically, you can find almost every physical object on sale there. But the products that are best to invest on and get you thousands of dollars monthly are a bit hard to find. This is where the First and second Module of ASM8 helps.

The first two weeks, you’ll learn how to choose the right product that will rank fast and have more chances of being promoted by Amazon itself. As much as your product shows up on ads by Amazon, chances of sale increase.

Even if you have already chosen your product to sell, these modules will teach you the right way to do its exclusive and effective marketing.

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Third and Fourth Modules: SEO Handling

In ranking everything online, frequent SEO (search engine optimization) is required. Similarly, in e-commerce, ranking your product using the right keyword is how you sell your product quickly.

In the third and fourth week, ASM will teach you how to catch high ranked keywords, place and relate them to your products and create the legit backlinks to maximize the credibility of your products in the eyes of buyers.

Fifth and Sixth Modules: Driving Traffic

By the time you reach your 5th week on program, you’ll be educated enough about Amazon e-commerce and now you’ll be proceeding with the concerns of driving heavy traffic to your products on sale. ASM8 has a special Listing Launch Formula which is made to help you promote your product easily.

Sixth Module is all about building your brand image and boosting its positive publicity. In these two weeks, you’ll learn all about making a strong connection between your product and the customer.

Seventh and Eighth Modules: Accelerating sales and Outsourcing

In the last two weeks of your program, you’ll learn to keep your established business stable for future. These modules explain what you should be doing after your brand is all set and have started the sales. By using the software provided in the package of ASM8, you’ll be able to boost your sales through different means like scaling and outsourcing.

If the program really offers all these stuff promised by ASM8 in their modules, there is no doubt that their students will definitely learn some real e-commerce lessons.

I talked to several ex-students of Amazing Selling Machine in order to find out if these programs really offer what they promise… This is what they have to say!

My meetings with ASM7 members:

Jaden Walter, A businessman at Amazon earned more than $600,000 last year by selling used books and shipping them worldwide. Jaden took courses on ASM7 and applied all the business techniques and strategies he learnt from the course.

“I have been selling used books through Amazon across the world since 2015, and my business was doing fine even before I joined ASM7, to be honest. I had adequate traffic on my shop but something told me that the collection of books I offer deserve more attention and appreciation.  I took ASM7 after seeing the brochure of their event; thought it might help me find that missing element that can help my shop to have the attention it deserves. And it happened, I learnt really good e-commerce biz strategies and I followed their advices, used their software where needed and now my yearly income is much bigger than what I used to earn before. It worked for me, yeah.”

Sophia Stone sells pearl jewelry and accessories on Amazon and earns $800,000 yearly. “I was suggested by Matt Clark to invest in pearl jewelry when I was in the middle of the ASM7. Even before the program was finished, I had started to get sales from my newly launched shop on Amazon. The team of expert entrepreneurs guided me on the forums and helpful members encouraged me to invest more and keep going. I did without hesitation as I was told that the route to become a successful business person is through risks. If none taken, you’ll never move ahead.”


Coming across with so many positive feedbacks about the Amazing Selling Machine, I thought to give it a shot too and sign up for it. But when I got to know the FEES of this entire program, it left me stunned for a moment.

It costs $3497 for the entire program, which includes all the sessions, software, guides and ebooks, access to forum and lifetime membership etc. You can also pay in installments of $997 monthly for 4 months, but that would cost more than the actual price though. However, you can have your refund in the first week if you decide to leave.


  • Legit business program with so many successful sessions record
  • Accredited schooling of e-commerce
  • 100% Profit margin
  • Makes you a complete master of Amazon
  • Worth all the money spent
  • Money back guarantee in case you quit in the middle


  • Expensive
  • Not for non-serious people
  • Strict guidelines


Amazing Selling Machine is definitely an informative and helpful program for future businessmen and women who wish to make Amazon their permanent source of income. Also for those who can afford to pay for such expensive program and actually learn out of it, rather than just spending money and coming out blank in the end.

I would suggest that if you are truly into e-commerce and want to pursue it as your profession, Amazing Selling Machine 8 is worth your money. It has proven itself as one of the best and reliable business training program available since last 5 years.

But if you are just trying to get fit in, you shouldn’t go for such expensive program until you clearly make up your mind to invest in Amazon and be a professional seller. But if you do want to do Amazon seriously, don’t do it without Amazing Selling Machine!